Mister Royale is the blog of Jane & Bethanie


Jane & Bethanie have been friends for an awfully long time and whilst we live along way away from each other, you can see what we’re both up to here on misterroyale.com.  We wanted to have a place to showoff all the stuff we make and do in our busy lives and so Mister Royale was born – named after our awesome once upon a time art teacher Mister Royale.


Works on the web by day, can be found in swimming pools across the planet by night.  I’ll try to share as much of my photography and illustration as I can – maybe even some of the day job too.  You can also find me on dribbble.com/janenevin.



Solves student’s problems whilst organising cultural events.  Mother to Maisey, waves a needle and thread like a wand, making magical creatures come to life.  Hopefully we’ll get to see some of her lovely illustrations here too.


Mister Royale is intended to be a work in progress or diary of our creations, we hope you enjoy.